Vijay Deverakonda's Rowdy app is being powered by Socionity.

He is stepping up his game. Now, you can have your app too.

Needn't hire a developer. Looks beautiful. Never crashes.
Just ₹1999 per month.

Unlock hidden revenue

Your hard-core followers will pay. What are you offering them?

The math is simple. The amount you can earn is the number of followers you have times how much you can charge them. Are you still dependent on ads and brand deals to make money? Start giving your audience what they want and charge them for it! Our research says they’ll pay. Happily.

Take your growth into your own hands

Don’t depend on other platforms to build an audience

Platforms come and go. Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and all the big names keep changing their algorithms. Sometimes to your advantage, sometimes not. Take back control. Own your destiny.

A deal just for you

Whatever your needs, we have a solution

Are you a filmmaker? Have your own Netflix.
Are you an online teacher? Have your own Byjus.
Are you unique? With our services, you can customize your app and we’ll work with you to bring it to life within a week.

Refer and earn

We split the profits 50-50 for a friend you refer.

Know a friend who is a media creator? If you think they should have their own website and app refer them to us. Whenever they sell something, you make as much money as we do.

Our best feature is our price

Your app will be designed and developed by veterans

You’ll work with the same team that was behind developing Samosa (7M downloads) and Rowdy (1M downloads). You can choose from our flexible pricing below. Scroll down for the feature list. This is an invite-only offering. Join the waitlist right away and get up to 50% off!


  • Choose upto 3 features from feature list
  • 30% share of sales on the app
  • Ideal for getting started


INR 1,999/ month
  • 10% share of sales on the app
  • 25 GB Data per month free storage
  • Ideal for boosting online digital media sales


INR 14,999/ month
  • Rs. 1500 server credits per month
  • 5% share of sales on the app
  • Unlimited free storage data
  • Ideal for established online media businesses


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Features you can choose from :

  • Video playback

  • Podcasts

  • Merchandise store

  • E-books

  • Social media feed integration

  • Notifications

  • Ticketing for events

  • One on one chat

  • Coupon code generation/referrals

  • Appointment booking

  • SMS Notifications Integration

  • Discussion Forum

  • Live streaming [ Engaging Plan and above only]

  • Messenger/ Real time Chat Integration [Priority plan and above only]

  • User uploads [Priority plan and above only]

  • Custom UI and features [Priority plan and above only]

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