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Create a Strong Brand

Having a strong individual brand helps improve earnings. Don't be just-yet-another-creator on large apps.

Socionity helps you from selecting a name and logo, all the way to putting your brand on the most valuable real estate - the homescreen.

Start Earning with Complete Transparency

Transparent sales information takes the guessing out of the earnings. You can plan ahead with confidence. On most large platforms, you never know how much you'll earn until you get the money.

Socionity shows you your earnings in real time with full transparency in real time.

Connect Directly with Your Audience

Building personal relations with your users builds trust and drives sales. Other aggregated platforms do not even give information about your users, other than their usernames.

Socionity gives you total control of your user-data and gives you tooling to establish great communication.

Market with Confidence

Knowing what to do is half the battle won in marketing. Unlike other platforms, you'll have to bring in your own users, but these users will stay yours forever.

Socionity gives you precise tools to execute and track your marketing. We also provide marketing assistance.

Manage Your Growth

Keeping the momentum is critical to building a lasting business

Socionity lets you add features as you go and integrates seamlessly with most popular tools that you use.

Choose Freedom. Choose Socionity.

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