Here to help creators be independent entrepreneurs.

You're good at creating content. We want you to do just that. We'll take care of everything else to create a successful business out of it.

Our Philosophy

Creating good content is hard. We want to help.

  • We're 10 years late. We want to fix it. Online payments have been working for a good 10 years now. Everything from commerce to paying taxes has moved online. Yet, we're not comfortable paying for content. We take it for granted that content on the internet should be free. The ad supported model is failing, we're here to give you an exit.

  • We know, we understand how hard it is to create great content. It is only natural to put it up on YouTube, Medium and other free platforms that take care of monetization for you. We want to bring the same level of handsoff-ness and still enable you to make money by monetizing your audience directly. Onwards!

  • Simple

    We want to simplify everything for you so that you can focus on creating the content. We'll give you the right tools to start distributing, selling and analyzing. All in one place. All in a few taps.


    It's so simple, I actually want to create more content

    Ragini Chandran

  • Cheerful

    Most dashboards are dull and professional. We want to augment your creativity with a dash of fun in using our product. You can build your app with a simple drag drop interface that is actully fun to use!


    The new update is so wonderful [...] I'm having fun!

    Vijaya Tupurani

  • Customer Excellence

    We don't just provide customer support. You can reach out to us whenever you have a problem. But we'll probably contact you first. We'll suggest changes, recommend updates and plan out your growth for you. We have your success at heart!


    It's refreshing to see a product and team that actually deliver on what they say

    Urmi Kothari

Meet the team

Always here for you.

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